Buy your own home with just a 5% deposit

The Unmortgage bridges the gap between renting and owning, by getting Pension Funds to co-own with you. You pay rent on the portion you don't own, and can increase ownership in your home at will. Or not.

There’s no loan. With this reduced risk, we just need to make sure you can afford the rent. This also allows us to buy a home worth up to 10x your income (as opposed to the 4x a bank mortgage lends). This means you can buy the home you want to live in, in the area of your choice. Avoid that undesirable first step on the ladder.

We believe if you can afford your rent, you can afford to own.

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Buy your own home with just a 5% deposit

How much deposit will I need?

We ask for a minimum of 5% of your budget. Use The Unmortgage Calculator to see how much we’ll buy with you for, and what your minimum deposit would be.

What happens when I want to move?

Moving with The Unmortgage couldn’t be simpler. We value the property and sell your equity stake to the next person on the waiting list who wants to live in your home. In case there isn’t anyone, we would buy your stake ourselves and rent out the home until we found someone who did want to own the home. That way your experience is one free of stress.

Can I buy in any area?

The pension funds that co-own with you are looking for a safe place to put their money. So we use data to target the areas with the most demand. Use The Unmortgage Calculator to see if we want to co-own in your area.

Will I own the property?

You’ll co-own with Pension Funds who are looking for long term investments in residential property. However, it’ll be your home, to do with as you will. All we ask is you keep your rent on direct debit, for the portion you don’t own.

Can friend and family help?

In addition to your own deposit, you give you a profile to share with friends and family, so they get first dibs on co-owning with you. For the first time, the Bank of Mum and Dad get a return for helping. With a mortgage, you aren’t allowed to rent out to family members. We get rid of the complexity of loans, so your friends and family are free to share in your home ownership story.

Can I decorate and improve my home?

Absolutely, it’s your home to do with as you want. There’s even a fund you can apply to for help with major works. Anything that increases the value of the home is great for everybody.